Prochoice Call to Action

Prochoice Call to Action – Melbourne

HoGPI_27:30am Tuesday 10th February
Parliament Car Park Entrance
Macarthur Street, East Melbourne

The Parliament of Victoria sits for the first time in 2015 on Tuesday. Welcoming MPs as they arrive at the Parliament car park will be the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants (HOGPI). In recent years they have erected a banner along Macarthur Street. One year they added a cross for every abortion performed in Victoria throughout the year, and the next year they added a breast cancer awareness ribbon (claiming a link between abortion and breast cancer) for every abortion performed in Victoria.HOGPI 2013They will be back in 2015, supported by St Patrick’s Cathedral, Youth for Life and Rachel Carling-Jenkins MLC of the Democratic Labour Party. Carling-Jenkins has entered parliament promising to wind back the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008, beginning with Section 8.

Victorians must take this opportunity to remind MPs that the majority of Victorians are prochoice and support the current laws.

Bring placards, banners, invite family and friends, make your voices heard and let the HOGPI know that we are #NEVERGOINGBACK

How to get there:
Exit Parliament Station at Macarthur Street exit and walk 100 metres north-east.
Catch the 11, 12 or 109 Tram to Parliament Station, Macarthur Street and walk 90 metres north-east.


The Bullies and Cowards No Show

On the last Parliamentary sitting day for 2012 only prochoice messages were seen by Victorian MPs.

Like the true bullies and cowards they are Helper’s of God’s Precious Infants (HOGPI) did not show up at Parliament this morning. This is despite pledging to be in attendance on each of the 70 sitting days of Victoria’s parliament this year.

Dozens of cars, cyclists and even a few trams sounded their support for a woman’s right to reproductive choices demonstrating that Victorians in their majority support choice.  As they drove into the Parliamentary car park, Victorian MPs saw women and men standing together supporting choice.
dec 13 aVictoria Police had expected HOGPI to show up, providing half a dozen officers to keep an eye on proceedings. When it was clear they weren’t turning up with their banner the police departed and left us to continue our peaceful action.

The failure of HOGPI to show up (again) demonstrates how prochoice action is making a difference in Victoria. Their Rosary Parade has failed to turn up at the Fertility Control Clinic since October.  As the bullies they are, when confronted, they hide away like cowards.  Our presence keeps them from intimidating women accessing services at the clinic and gives a voice to the prochoice majority outside Parliament.

dec 13 bOur success requires your ongoing support.
We have two more clinic defences before Christmas.
Fertility Control Clinic
118 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne

Saturday, 15 December
Saturday, 22 December
Join us and keep those who seek to intimidate and harass women away from the clinic entrance.

Rally for Abortion Rights – Speeches

At yesterday’s Rally for Abortion Rights none of our intended speakers were able to deliver their speeches due to a compressed time schedule with the arrival of Global Noise and the March for the Babies.

As part of our ongoing efforts to counter the March for the Babies we have asked our speakers if they would like their speeches published.  As they arrive we shall post them here:

Paisley Semrau – a 19 year old feminist activist who has a special interest in human rights

Mary Merkenich – a member of the Teacher & ES Alliance, a rank-and-file activist group in the Australian Education Union, and a member of Socialist Alliance

Jessica Lenehan – a student from La Trobe University and member of CWRR

Chris Johnson – spokesperson for the Australian Sex Party

Debbie Brennan – Radical Women for Campaign for Women’s Reproductive Rights

We thank our speakers for agreeing to speak at the Rally for Abortion Rights and allowing us to publish their speeches.

Rally for Abortion Rights

Keep Abortion Legal in Victoria!

On October 10, 2008, abortion was legalised in Victoria. In poll after poll,
Australians’ support for abortion has been consistently around 85 percent.
Those opposed to abortion have consistently polled at 6 percent or less*

That lack of support has not deterred those opposed to abortion rights.
On October 13 this year, a coalition aimed at recriminalising abortion in
Victoria plans to stage a “March for the Babies” as part of its campaign.

Join us on October 13.
Counter the March for the Babies call for recriminalisation.
Celebrate the Fourth Anniversary of this historic win for women.

2pm – Saturday 13th October 2012
Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne

Defend the will of the majority and say loudly and clearly:
“We will not go back to the days of State control of women’s bodies.”
“Back to the Backyard — No Way!”

(*Victorian Law Reform Commission 2008: Law of Abortion: Final Report Chapter 4).