Dr Jo Wainer speaks to why we defend

Dr Jo Wainer on the anti-choice activists outside the Fertility Control Clinic:

“There are a handful of people who somehow take it upon themselves, give themselves permission, to behave extremely badly in a way that wouldn’t be tolerated under any other circumstance and it astonishes me that they are still tolerated today.
Because I make the analogy Jonathan that if a group of Muslim people stood outside a Jewish school and yelled abuse and behaved in a way that these people behave toward women and their families and partners who come that clinic they would be shut down in thirty seconds. But for some reason because these are attacks on pregnant women it’s tolerated, and I don’t understand why.”

Radio National Sunday Extra – Sunday 4 November 2012

In recent weeks anti-choice activists have been in front of the Fertility Control Clinic in ever increasing numbers.  The pro-life mass and rosary parade that used to occur every fourth Saturday of the month is now on a flexible schedule to avoid the clinic defence.  We need to step up our efforts to keep anti-choice activists away from the clinic entrance.

Join us every Saturday at 10am.  118 Wellington Parade East Melbourne.


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