Rally for Abortion Rights

Keep Abortion Legal in Victoria!

On October 10, 2008, abortion was legalised in Victoria. In poll after poll,
Australians’ support for abortion has been consistently around 85 percent.
Those opposed to abortion have consistently polled at 6 percent or less*

That lack of support has not deterred those opposed to abortion rights.
On October 13 this year, a coalition aimed at recriminalising abortion in
Victoria plans to stage a “March for the Babies” as part of its campaign.

Join us on October 13.
Counter the March for the Babies call for recriminalisation.
Celebrate the Fourth Anniversary of this historic win for women.

2pm – Saturday 13th October 2012
Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne

Defend the will of the majority and say loudly and clearly:
“We will not go back to the days of State control of women’s bodies.”
“Back to the Backyard — No Way!”

(*Victorian Law Reform Commission 2008: Law of Abortion: Final Report Chapter 4).


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