Fertility Control Clinic – 40th Anniversary Celebration

CWRR invites you to celebrate the
40th Anniversary of the Fertility Control Clinic opening in 1972.

Join us for a birthday cake and speeches commemorating the history of the clinic.

Saturday 22nd September 2012 – 10:00 am-11:00 am
118 Wellington Parade, East

The fight for abortion rights is very much a part of East Melbourne’s history.  Drs Bertram Wainer and Jo Wainer, the founders of the Fertility Control Clinic, were leading campaigners.

The clinic has been a chief target of the anti-choice minority since it opened in 1972.  For the past seven years CWRR has defended the clinic on the fourth Saturday every month, stopping about 80 “Helpers of God’s Precious Infants” from positioning themselves at the front gate and intercepting people who enter or walk past. Our presence keeps the anti-abortion group on the other side of street, securing safe access for staff and women using the clinic as well as passersby. Our visible pro-choice presence counters the unrelenting intimidation by anti-abortionists who are there seven days a week.

Among the clinic’s defenders are women who have used its service, and CWRR regularly comes across many more women who feel very strongly about the need, and the right, to defend it.

Feel free to contact us and to join our clinic defence on the fourth Saturday of each month,
from 10:00 am until 11:00 am.

We hope to meet you,
Campaign for Women’s Reproductive Rights



They were missing but CWRR was there

Helpers of Gods Precious Infants advertised that they would be standing outside the car park entrance of Victoria’s Parliament on each sitting day this year holding their anti-choice mega-banner.  At CWRR we thought it would be worthwhile to organise a counter demonstration on the first day parliamentary sitting back from the winter break to represent the pro-choice majority of Victorians.   We organised, printed flyers, spread the word and were ready to go.  There was just one thing we didn’t count on.

Helpers of Gods Precious Infants didn’t show up.

On the first parliamentary sitting day for seven weeks they were nowhere to be seen.
On the day of the newly elected MP for Melbourne’s Inaugural Speech they were absent.

So the pro-choice message had the undivided attention of parliamentarians and the busy traffic on Macarthur Street!

The responses were awesome: honks from cars (including some entering the Parliament House carpark), dings from trams, toots from bicycles and thumbs up from passersby.

New people joined us, and we handed out lots of leaflets for the Abortion Rights Rally on October 13th 2012.

Undoubtedly HOGPI will be back on future sitting days but for one day it was the prochoice message that was seen.  This is important to counter the ongoing campaign to recriminalise abortion in Victoria.

Do you want to be involved?  Let CWRR know.
  or Email: cwrr.justice@hotmail.com


Lifesitenews.com reported that:

“Although the pro-life vigilers have been present on each of the 27 sitting days of parliament so far this year, next Tuesday they have already made plans to be in Canberra for the National Marriage Day Rally.”

It’s curious that on the one day we were going to confront them they found an excuse not to be there.   If however they did go to Canberra for the National marriage they were there to endorse comments such as this:

“I’m convinced that homosexuals (re)produces themselves by molesting children.”
– Pastor Peter Walker