The lies that some would tell

Victoria passed the Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008 to applause from most and outrage from some, removing abortion from the criminal code.

Since then a small but vocal minority has campaigned to have abortion re-criminalised in Victoria. They have also been vocal in trying to keep these law changes from spreading to other states in Australia.

In December 2011 released a number a videos they purport to highlight “Victoria’s Darkest Secret.”

Among them was the following:

This question was posed within the video.

Who do you think is exempt from mandatory reporting of suspected sexual abuse in Victoria?
A) a teacher
B) a child care worker
C) a paediatrician
D) an abortionist

You can probably guess the answer they’ll provide, given the use of the loaded word “abortionist.”

Congratulations should be extended to the man who gave the correct answer in the video.

“I would have thought they’d all be covered.”

Correct. They are.

In fact the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008 as referenced above sets out the debate on this issue. Robert Clark, the Liberal MP for Box Hill and current Attorney General, moved an amendment requiring mandatory reporting of suspected abuse. The then Minister for Health Daniel Andrews, ALP MP for Mulgrave, responded that there were already provisions for mandatory reporting in the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 and he saw “no argument to replicate it in this bill.” He went on to say that “There are many other statutes; they all work together and ought to be viewed in that context. “

So what is the truth? Are doctors exempt from mandatory reporting in providing an abortion? Of course not. The Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 reads: Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 Are you surprised that the self righteous would lie to further their cause?
The facts can’t help their cause, so they have nothing left other than lies.
How would you feel being included in these videos and being lied to? should be honest and admit their lies, but I’m not going to hold my breath for an admission any time soon.



10 thoughts on “The lies that some would tell

  1. Given the fact that a lot of women are offered abortions the same day as they contact the clinic and are not given adequete counselling when would the abortion practitioner have time to counsel them let alone report sexuual abuse.

    • You suggest women are not given adequete (sic) counselling. Women are not required to have counselling nor should they forced to have counselling. The counselling push is from those against abortion and they want counselling that will guilt and shame women.
      Counselling is available if women ask for it, pre and post abortion. A woman’s choice.
      As for reporting sexual abuse it is mandatory if a medical practitioner suspects such abuse.
      Anti-choicers denigrate medical professionals because they don’t agree abortion should be legal, when in fact medical professionals seek to maintain the highest levels of care.

  2. Any medical procedure carries a risk and women have a right to know the risks associated with abortion such as the bladder could be perforated by the tool the practitioner uses. A women died in Box Hill hospital at the end of last year from a botched abortion and a practitioner in Victoria infected 50 women with Hepatits C.

    • And women are informed of risks. There is a requirement for informed consent in Victoria, despite anti-choicers calling for one. It’s telling that anti-choicers don’t know what the law is. More often than not they lie about the current laws, as demonstrated here.
      You sound like an anti-choicer – raising anti-choice arguments.
      Yes any medical procedure carries a risk – not just abortions. If you’re so worried you should be campaigning against appendectomies as well. Medical procedures should be carried out by medical professionals, not in the back yard.

  3. Well there should not be any need for “Back Street” abortions in Victoria as you can have one there without a doctor’s consent up to 24 weeks and if a women waits till after that time she has to have the consent of two doctors. I am for women having all the information at their fingertips so she can make a choice not just based on one factor but all factors. Even then she might still want to have the abortion but I know that many Pro Life groups would be there for that woman post abortion.Oh and you said in your earlier post women are not required to have counselling so who tells them about the risks?

    • There is a difference between counselling and informed consent.
      And if you agree that abortion should be legal and safe, well then good for you. We should never go back to the days of illegal risky abortions.

    • We don’t want to see women dying when they should have a choice. Before Menhennit illegal abortions accounted for 1/3 of all maternal deaths. This did not include pregnant women who committed suicide.

  4. I agree that women have a right to decide when they have children so they should be ensuring they are responsible about birth cintrol.

    • Yet many oppose birth control. Birth control is not 100% effective. The reality is a women should be able to decide if she wants to complete a pregnancy, and should be able to access a safe and legal termination if she so chooses.

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